[Vwdiesel] rabbit smoke revisited

Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Thu Sep 19 09:06:27 EDT 2002

What's the setting of the "Smoke" screw? Its also called the full load stop
screw. Its the one on the side of the pump that has a stainless steel
anti-tapmer collar spot welded to it, and locked by a nut. You can leave the
collor on to reduce fueling. Try turning it OUT about 1/8 to 1/4 turn. A
little goes a long way. Also, is there any intake restriction, a dirty
filter? I doubt the pump is bad. That front shaft seal is tricky to get out
w/out scaring the pump shaft or the recess it fits into. Its tight as hell! I
know, I just replaced mine. They DO get hard and brittle over the years and
leak. Its like replacing any other seal, though. I wish I had a mini-seal
puller for mine. Let me emphasize, though its TIGHT!!!!, so thiht I kept
ripping the metal part of the seal, like I was opening a tin can! I ended up
using a full sized seal puller and got lucky on the scaring issue. Get the
seal at a pump shop.


Kris wrote:

> The shop has re-timed the rabbit, everything is set correctly.  The thing
> still smokes like there is no tomorrow.  Tech says it is dumping too
> much fuel in and it could be a bad injection pump since I put in rebuilt
> injectors.
> After hearing off this list that a lot of rebuilt injectors can still go
> bad, I asked him to pull and test the injectors.  The pump was working
> fine before I tore the engine apart, but I didn't muck with the pump
> except the rear screw for dial indicator and the idle screw.
> So.. if the pump did decide to just go bad the month it was sitting
> idle, what are my options for a new pump?  vwdieselparts.com is asking
> $400 for a rebuilt. :(
> I found a used one on ebay (currently $20).  Works but has a small leak
> at the pulley end.  Easy to fix?
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