[Vwdiesel] rabbit smoke revisited

Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Thu Sep 19 09:30:56 EDT 2002

Here's a thought: Did the shop set the timing w/ the cold start knob "IN"? If
not, it'l be set at 0.50 - 0.60 MM and white smoke like hell. I did it once
(forgot to check the handle and it was pulled.) The non-diesel savy, including
seasoned mechanics, would overlook something like this!


LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

> > The shop has re-timed the rabbit, everything is set correctly.  The thing
> >  still smokes like there is no tomorrow.  Tech says it is dumping too
> >  much fuel in and it could be a bad injection pump since I put in rebuilt
> >  injectors.
>   I'm sure we asked this but I sure don't remember.  What color is the smoke?
> White, gray or black?  White is unburned fuel.  Timing, massive overfueling,
> poor compression, burning antifreeze.  Gray smoke, excessive:  burning oil,
> bluish gray, poor compression, generally poor engine condition or fine
> condition under full throttle.  Of course then it's not really excessive.
> Black
> smoke:  Partially burned excess fuel.  Poor compression, possibly timing,
> bad but not hideous injector, pump volume delivery set too high, dirty air
> filter, possibly even dirty fuel filter (pump pressures out of whack).  Black
> smoke nearly always happens under load or near full throttle.  Otherwise
> the engine will achieve a higher rpm to equalize.
> >
> >  After hearing off this list that a lot of rebuilt injectors can still go
> >  bad, I asked him to pull and test the injectors.  The pump was working
> >  fine before I tore the engine apart, but I didn't muck with the pump
> >  except the rear screw for dial indicator and the idle screw.
>   So why should the pump be bad then?  I set mine wrong the first time
> I set it on the 5000TD.  Things were really off and bad.  I thought I'd
> messed up the pump.  It turned out it was 180 off.  I called Seattle
> Injector and he strongly reassured me there was NOTHING I could
> have done to the pump!  He said to think of these pumps like you
> would a hammer.  It's REALLY tough to damage it!  Things can
> happen but the pump is not the most likely thing to fail.  It's the
> least likely.
> >
> >  So.. if the pump did decide to just go bad the month it was sitting
> >  idle, what are my options for a new pump?  vwdieselparts.com is asking
> >  $400 for a rebuilt. :(
>   Options are rebuild yours, exchange yours for a rebuild, put on a used
> one or dare I say, find the real problem?  ;-)  Can we tell where I am on
> this?  ;-D
> >
> >  I found a used one on ebay (currently $20).  Works but has a small leak
> >  at the pulley end.  Easy to fix?
> >
>   The leaks on that end are from a dried out seal and generally a worn input
> shaft bushing.  It will wobble when wiggled toward/away from the belt
> tensioner.  If it's worn then it's a complete rebuild.  If it's not then just
> the seal CAN be replaced.  Often a new seal will take care of it even
> when the bushing is worn.  Beware since a worn bushing can make the
> timing belt walk off.
>      Loren
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