[Vwdiesel] Busy day and Propane injection

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sun Sep 22 01:21:45 EDT 2002

> I am
>  particularly interested in the effect on EGT since the propane comes out of
>  the bottle a around -60 degrees as it expands from the liquid state to the
>  vapor state.

  Of course the amount of propane you use is so minimal that I'll stand by
my belief that the effect will be negligible.  Jake and I got into this
conversation quite some time ago.  ;-)  I guess he's made his own system
out of, apparently propane carburetor stuff.  He was just trying it out when
the metal ring around the cylinder came loose from the head gasket so
he has a blown head gasket now.  :(
  I did a little playing with some propane.  It was pretty undefinable.  We
have a "weed burner" that's about a 2 1/4 inch dia. burner with a hose to a
5 gallon propane bottle with a needle valve to regulate it.  You're not
a lot of propane through it even when wide open.  I was only able to run
the same amount of propane as you would with a nice hot flame.  When
trying to run more it just rattled, which is what was happening to Jake.  I
didn't notice any huge power increase but the engine felt more "free," more
like a gas engine.  It was nice to DIY a system but sure didn't seem worth
any $600 area price!  I tried it on the Rabbit (NA) but no results.  It
out the bottle was empty. :P
  It'll be interesting to hear how it works.  :)  The propane doesn't mess
the MAF readings to the ECU?  Like it does when shutting off the EGR?

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