[Vwdiesel] Plain text please

Bill Truesdell bhfarms at suscom-maine.net
Wed Sep 25 16:31:17 EDT 2002

maded wrote:
> This is a plea for all users of the list to please use "plain text" only.
> The use of HTML slows down loading, subjects readers to annoying ads and can
> even generate uncommanded log-ons to get even more annoying pop up ads.  The
> only reason for HTML is for these ads, please don't participate.  You can
> usually select plain text from your email preferences under "edit" or "set
> up".

Second that. It is also a way to infect your computer with trojans.
Spammers use it to talk back to their site and see if your email is a
live one. In all, there is not much use for html on lists or newsgroups.

Bill Truesdell

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