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In 90 or so VW did not use any emblems on the Jetta Ds
designating "Diesel"

--- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
> > BTW, what do all the model suffixes stand for?
> >  IE: if I say "88 Jetta GL", do you guys
> automatically know it's a turbo
> > diesel?
> >  Is there a list/chart somewhere?
>   The way to tell if it's a diesel is by the black
> smoke behind it, the black
> soot
> on the back end, the "diesel only" sticker inside
> the gas flap or above the
> filler cap, the yellow, glow plug light in the dash
> or the "diesel" emblem on
> the rear (grille for the later model TD's).
> Starting with the Rabbits,
> C is Custom.  It's the base model
> L is Luxury, the deluxe model
> LS Luxury special (I think, I just went blank on the
> S) more interior trim.
> GL Gran Luxury  Most of the later diesels I've seen
> seem to be in this group.
>      Loren
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