[Vwdiesel] Preload on rear bearings

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We have used this at school, where we build a Formula-style racecar for
competiton.  ON an older car, the bore for the front wheel bearing was very
loose (similar config. to rabbit front bearings but 2 sealed ones).  It was
loctite and it was green.  I can get the part number tomorrow and compare it
to what dennis used.  It saved us a lot of resources and time to keep the
car running.  I do know that the actual stuff we use is labeled under
Volvo... apparently older team members thought it could only be obtained
through them, but we have a new bottle from loctite now as well.

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>val: your kludge has merit. sometimes machinists will apply a slight knurl
>to raise the surface exacly as you have described to an undesized shaft.
>typically in the range of a couple of thousanths. not everyone has access
>a lathe or knurling tool...i think that there is an alternative-loctite.
>i have used loctite bearing retainer compound on other assemblies, #609 &
>620. ie sealed bearings in to shafts or housings in machinery, etc...  to
>keep them from spinning. this is not the regular thread locking formula.
>different. to get things apart, you have to use heat to break the bond. i
>use a heat gun to control the heat.
>depending on the formula, the nice thing about it is that it will gap fill
>from 0.005 up to 0.020. they require a cure time. they are heat sensitive.
>think that the 609 is good to 250 degrees,  and the 620 to 450. i have used
>the 620 mostly because of its gap filling ability. i can;t imagine the heat
>being an issue on a wheel bearing. if you let it get that hot, then i think
>the grease would break down. more so than the heat, i would worry about the
>grease/oil compatibility.
>the small bottles ran me about $20 a piece. more than i ever need. i think
>they have small vials too, but i have never bought that little.
>i don;t have a loctite book handy, but i think if confronted with the same
>situation, i might go that route. at least give them a call and check
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