[Vwdiesel] Turbo-determining if it's working or not ?

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Apr 6 23:45:43 EDT 2003

> I just bought an 88 Jetta Turbo diesel. 1.6L . No idea how many valves.

2 per cylinder, so 8 total!  :-))

I know little to nothing about diesels and less about testing the turbo.
> Some of the guys at work seem to think I should hear it whining and claim
it turns VERRRY fast ! (30k RPM some said,hmmm)

 More like 3X that speed or so at full boost, from what I have read.

> The car seems gutless (maybe it should seem that way, LOL)  Less power
than my old 1989 Ford Escort 1.9L station wagon.

 Try driving a non-turbo version and you will come to appreciate what that
little turbine can do for you!  :-))


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