[Vwdiesel] Diesel Hagar the third person ??? .

Tyler "Casioqv" Backman casioqv at usermail.com
Mon Apr 7 13:57:49 EDT 2003

What year is your GM Pickup? If it has the 5.7, it is a bad motor. I
know someone who doesn't know much about cars, and her mechanic duped
her into paying $$ for a new engine every 10k miles each time it blew
up. The Chevy 350 block is not tough enough to be a diesel engine, but
can still be reliable if very very well taken care of. The 6.2-6.5, on
the other hand is a excellent motor. I have a 1982 GMC Sierra Classic
(Suburban). It has 240k miles, and ran excellent when the head gasket
blew, and would still run well if the head gasket was replaced. I
instead found a driveable parts car (body in bad shape) for $2000 with
only 50k miles, a Banks Turbo kit, a turbo oiler, a Gear Vendors
Over/Under drive, Trailering Special Rear suspension, etc. and am
putting it in my truck right now. These motors run really strong, last a
long time, are very cheap, and can out tow any other truck on the market
with a Banks kit. I use mine to tow our 10,000 pound boat, for camping,
and for hauling lots of stuff. The Cummins is a better motor, but much
more expensive, and less powerful than my setup, plus the GMC seems to
be a slightly higher quality body (interior holds up better, etc.).


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> Coreen and Mike ----why not ask him direct ???.
> Loren ---- Your father had a V8  GM pickup ???  half ton.   Mine is sitting here ready to drive.Nice  driving truck.(NO insurance) -----Worst diesel of ALL time. For you two tank veggies  this one has a selector Right tank Left tank (saddletanks) ----most are in the junkyards by now so pick up your valves.          Yes GM was replaced by a RABBIT.
> Hagar.
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