[Vwdiesel] Diesel Hagar the third person ??? .

Shirley, Mark R MarkRShirley at eaton.com
Mon Apr 7 17:27:09 EDT 2003

I don't want to start a flame war here, but you're going out on a limb
a little bit here with these statements.  Yes, the 6.2 was a VAST
over the 5.7D used in the very early GM diesel truck days (78-80 was it?)
But in terms of diesel desirability, there's
1.  Cummins
2.  Navistar/IH 6.9/7.3/PSD
3.  GM 6.2/6.5

Any towing forums I've ever read, the GM's were a distant third in
due in most part to the problems with the injector pumps, and lack of power.
Turbo kits do help a bunch, but even turbo'd, the IH and Cummins diesels
outpull them.  One has only to go to a truck pull and notice that Ford and
are represented heavily, and the GM's are not.
One would hope that the new Duramax trucks will be a positive step for GM's
I have several aquaintences who are GM employees in the area, who have
bought GM
diesel trucks, both 6.2 and 6.5, and they are the cause of no end of
for these people.  One close friends' dad owns a 6.5 truck that's referred
to as
"The Turd"  because it's been through four injector pumps in 40,000 miles.
Only one
fellow is a big fan of them, mostly due to the fact he gets em dirt cheap.

Oh, and I'll take you on with my ATS turbo'd 6.9 any day of the week.... :)

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The 6.2-6.5, on
> the other hand is a excellent motor. I have a 1982 GMC Sierra Classic
> (Suburban). It has 240k miles, and ran excellent when the head gasket
> blew, and would still run well if the head gasket was replaced. I
> instead found a driveable parts car (body in bad shape) for $2000 with
> only 50k miles, a Banks Turbo kit, a turbo oiler, a Gear Vendors
> Over/Under drive, Trailering Special Rear suspension, etc. and am
> putting it in my truck right now. These motors run really
> strong, last a
> long time, are very cheap, and can out tow any other truck on
> the market
> with a Banks kit. I use mine to tow our 10,000 pound boat,
> for camping,
> and for hauling lots of stuff. The Cummins is a better motor, but much
> more expensive, and less powerful than my setup, plus the GMC seems to
> be a slightly higher quality body (interior holds up better, etc.).

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