[Vwdiesel] Turbo vs. MPG

Tyler "Casioqv" Backman casioqv at usermail.com
Tue Apr 8 17:27:36 EDT 2003

It seems like you might gain some fuel economy by eliminating the boost
enrichment, but keeping the boost, because this makes a leaner mixture
and allows a higher percentage of the fuel to burn. Apparently VW's
ECOdiesel did just this, and had a turbo but no boost enrichment. I am
planning to try this on my motor soon, to see if it works, but based on
what I have heard from a couple different people, it doesn't really give
much more fuel economy, but just makes the car much slower, like a
non-turbo. Certainly there would be nothing to be gained from
eliminating the turbo boost itself, by doing something like making the
wastegate stuck open, which would eliminate the advantages of the boost,
but still provide more restriction on the exhaust side than a normally
aspirated motor would have. It sounds (based on our Turbo vs non-turbo
discussion) that people find that driving the car easier, and only
accelerating as fast as you would without the turbo, is the ticket to
improved fuel economy (better than one would experience with a non-turbo
motor). Personally, I don't find that driving it a little harder hurts
fuel economy a whole lot, but it does seem to get you there faster, and
possibly safer.


Mike & Coreen Smith wrote:
> I realize I might be oversimplifying this question, but just for the sake of
> argument, let's say my turbo (for whatever reason)
> is not providing me with any boost. No smoke or 'punch' because of an overly
> lean mixture, or some incorrect adjustment on the aneroid or otherwise
> mixture part of the fuel pump.
> Will I get better fuel mileage?
> I'd sacrifice the "turbo" boost I might see for , let's say. 5-7mpg added
> efficiency.
> Did I oversimplify that?
> Mike in NB, 88 Jetta 1.6L Turbo Diesel

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