[Vwdiesel] turbo vs. mpg

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Tue Apr 8 21:00:59 EDT 2003

>>It seems like you might gain some fuel economy by eliminating the boost
enrichment, but keeping the boost, because this makes a leaner mixture
and allows a higher percentage of the fuel to burn. Apparently VW's
ECOdiesel did just this, and had a turbo but no boost enrichment. I am
planning to try this on my motor soon, to see if it works, but based on
what I have heard from a couple different people, it doesn't really give
much more fuel economy, but just makes the car much slower, like a

    The aneroid wasn't included on the ECO pump because the extra bump of
partially burned fuel was thought to be a hazard to the catalytic converter.
    The turbo on the ECO is smaller than that mounted to conventional 1.6
td's.  It seems to spool up at a lower rpm, but goes flat sooner. I don't
have a tach to verify that, though.
    The ECO definitely makes less perceptible power than a conventional td,
but noticeably more than an na.
    The ECO's reduced fuel economy is generally attributed to the
transmission being geared lower, for urban traffic acceleration.
    Finally, the best fuel economy I've ever achieved was in my Quantum td
with the cruise control set at a loafing 70 mph.  My ECO is revving
noticeably at that speed, and fuel economy there is less than optimal.  My
last na Caddy was distinctly unpleasant at that speed.
    Scott Kair

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