[Vwdiesel] Hagar was a LOOTER ???? in 1945. ??

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Apr 11 10:06:35 EDT 2003

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The dumbest looter of all time.  --There was a VW four wheel drive for the =
taking --yeiks. A motorcycle complete with reverse gear. "Zundapp" a Fiesel=
er Stork ---a Messersmitt 108 ----many Enigma machines --  ---So what did H=
agar take ? Radar and Radio stuff  ----Aircraft instruments   ---        To=
ok the wheels of a Searchlight and made a handcart 4 wheels. Used the cart =
for dragging stuff home. Sure was a lot of FUN.   A friend of mine stole a =
108 Messersmitt ---and got it licensed in civil drags ---astounding feat in=
 Denmark. His name was Morian Hansen.
So what happened to all those super high tech German airplanes ? (some bran=
d new)---Tommys put a stick of dynamite on main spar of every one. (make a =
grown man cry just thinking about it).Got one hell of a lot of BOSCH genera=
tors and starters from the  motor pool compound.
Just memories now ----darn it.-----That German 10 meter Transmitter here in=
 front of me sure is good looking---except for the hooked crosses,on every =
thing. --made in 1942 when they were winning.       Hagar.

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