[Vwdiesel] Fuel Leak on Engine

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Sat Apr 12 21:34:26 EDT 2003

On 12 Apr 2003 at 22:06, dieseltdi at earthlink.net wrote:

> on 4/12/03 7:52 PM, Val Christian at val at swamps.roc.ny.us wrote:
> >> Hey gang, To bring everyone up to speed, I had a fuel leak from the front s=
> >> ide of the engine (1.6 NA in a 1982 Rabbit). I wasn't sure of the source so=
> >> I tried some different stuff.  1. I cleaned the fuel injector pump mount s=
> >> ince I know I neglected to do it when I put the engine back together...it w=
> >> as nasty dirty. 2. I checked all fuel lines (to/from) the pump to ensure th=
> >> at they were tight and well mounted. Now I know there's still a fuel leak '=
> >> cause when I try to turn it over to get it to start, it still pours fuel ou=
> >> t of the engine. Now, it seems to be definitely from the area of the inject=
> >> ors. Some thoughts/questions. 1. how hard is it ensure that the injectors a=
> >> re seated properly? Can I just crank them down if they are loose? What type=
> >> of seat are they on? 2. how hard is it to ensure that that the fuel lines =
> >> (stainless steel) are properly tightened on the injectors...they seem to be=
> >> on there right, should I put some pipe-dope (teflon tape) on the threads? =
> >> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Mikey
> Just an idea...is the stopper on the last injector?  I have lost one of
> these before while the engine was running and boy does the diesel pour out.
> I would also check the cold start lever.  The seal (o ring) on this can go
> bad and leak a lot of fuel.  Hayden

Good suggestion - I've had this rubber stopper fail a few times, so I now carry a
spare in the glove box (along with a spare glow plug 50A fuse), as it makes a mess
when it does fail. They're cheap, so buy 2...

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