[Vwdiesel] #1 Diesel? - Very informative document (PDF) on di esel fuel etc.

Steckly.Gary at ic.gc.ca Steckly.Gary at ic.gc.ca
Mon Apr 14 15:31:35 EDT 2003

Listmemebers may find this document from Chevron helpful.  It treats fuel
grades and additives as well as a host of other diesel subjects.  Quite
informative and yet an easy read.


or if you hate pdf format, here is the source url for the html equivalent...



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Just filled up from a pump marked "Diesel #1".  There was a "1" sticker
stuck on top of where it normally says "#2 Diesel".

It's pretty warm here - 80 degrees plus?  Am I in trouble or do I need to
add and additive to this tank?


Jack Taylor

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