[Vwdiesel] Outlet on Turbodiesel Injection Pump

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 14 18:28:44 EDT 2003

>> I do notice a fair more power and better acceleration
>> in cooler weather. At 80 - 90 degrees outside, its a
>> real slow dog. At 50 degrees out, it really moves!
>> This must be "natures intercooler" at work!
>Most definately.  I second that.. In the winter time here in rochester, my
rabbit has >torque and Hp out the wazoo... but on a warm summer day, the
power drops to >nothing..  Well, not really, but it feels like the torque is
gone.  I don't have an ic, so >this is part of the problem.

  Ayuh, very common phenomenon with the TDIs. You know when the cooler
weather is upon us when postings begin to show up about clutch slippage,
especially with chipped cars. Mine is beginning to slip even warm weather
now, though. Time to pull it apart pretty soon, it will slip if provoked in
3rd, 4th, and 5th.   :-((  It just spins the studded snow tires in 1st and
2nd.  :-))

 I made a series of runs last summer at the dragstrip and my fastest time
was the first run - I think the intercooler was getting heat-soaked and
reducing performance. After a few runs I parked it and watched for an hour
or two, then made one more run before the track closed, which was back up
near the first time. It was probably a combination of the I/C cooling off
and the cooler night air.

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