[Vwdiesel] I Split my spaceship

Mark Shepherd markonee1 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 15 11:37:43 EDT 2003

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Mike & Co.

My appologies...I have just been out to practice what I preach...I lifted the
lid on the aneroid and depressed the diaphragm with engine idling... There is
no response; so that's good news for you (perhaps)...On top of the diaphragm
is a rigid disc that holds the spindle on...this is what has the position dot
on...If you stand at the end of the engine where the pulleys are, then dot at
12'o'clock is minimum effect...factory setting about 3 'o' clock ...my miserly
setting 1.30am...young racer half past 4  ...'crazy horses'...6 'o' clock.

There seems to be a depression on the lower body of the aneroid that coincides
with factory setting.

I believe it is possible for the dot not to coincide with the correct
orientation of  cone taper (minimum slope)...so check it...

Bad news ...where is all that oil coming from...from intake only with air flow
(possibly a hole in diaphragm) which would make sense of poor response, or
could it be from bad seal under diaphragm..& puncture.

Oil collection could also be due to lack of seal around edge of lid of
spaceship again allowing air flow...

'88 1.6TD Passat/Quantum

Mark(the Miser)UK "If I can bend it or stick it together; I will!... (:o}
                                Keep the craftsmen alive!"

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