[Vwdiesel] torque drop in warm weather, was....

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Tue Apr 15 18:03:53 EDT 2003

When I was changing my air filter over the weekend I
> looked over the air box on my 92 Jetta ECO.  Very interesting arrangement.
>     One inlet seems to be from the grill.  There didn't seem to be much
> deterioration of the foam seal around it, as mentioned previously.  But
> there was also some sort of intake horn pointing towards the rear of the
> engine, towards the exhaust manifold.  It ends in the filter box at a
> spring-loaded door.
>     Bentley didn't seem to mention it.  What would this one be for- a
> air intake?  Perhaps the intention is to allow supplemental intake under
> load?  I'd attributed power loss above 85F to running the a/c, but this
> me wondering.

  On the TDIs and perhaps other applications, there is a "snow screen" in
the cold air intake. It's a very, very fine mesh and gets plugged up with
fine sand, plant material including pollen, and the odd bug or two very
quickly. If the cold air inlet gets plugged, the spring-loaded flap will
swing open against the spring tension and admits some warm air, which is
better than no air.
 I think the newer A2s had a thermostatic inlet to draw warm air in when the
outside temperature was very cold. That's not what you see, is it?
 I have removed the snow screen on my '98 and have had no problems at all
with snow soaking the inlet filter.


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