[Vwdiesel] Need info: 1987 audi 5000 s, gas

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Fri Apr 18 20:40:21 EDT 2003

>Just hoping you guys could tell me where the trouble spots are on these.  I
am >interested in one and would like to know where the bad spots are ( i.e.,
rust and >other potential areas of wear and tear )

  As with any Audi of that vintage, watch out for electrical gremlins. It's
not unusual for some of the bells and whistles to be nonfunctional.

 Check out the steering rack carefully for leaks. Audi uses special PS fluid
called "Pentosin" and if someone were to use regular stuff it destroys the
seals in the system. Many owners probably don't know that.

 If you didn't know, the battery is beneath the back seat cushion.

 The 5 cylinder gas engines were prone to broken exhaust manifold studs. I
had a Quantum with the same engine and it had a broken stud but it only
leaked when the engine was cold. Once it warmed up you'd never know there
was a problem. They can be a bit difficult to R&R.

 My Quantum also had noisy lifters from time to time, another common
ailment. Seemed to be worse about the time the oil needed to be changed.
Must have been complaining about the dirty oil.  :-))

 Nice cars, but not problem-free. It depends on your tolerance level.  YMMV!


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