[Vwdiesel] 91 TD on ebay

TexasTDI TexasVWdriver at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 19 21:21:23 EDT 2003

> Worried about the longterm maintenance concerns of owning a turbo diesel,
> and definitely into owning the car for the long term, I decided to get the
> 91 NA Jetta.  [As an aside, my wife assured me that the car offered
> room, as it had a fifth seat (the Rabbits we drove did not), and if we
> had another child, we'd all still fit.  My comment was that with my luck,
> we'd have twins.  A year later we did.]


Chris Thornton
1991 Volkswagen Jetta 2 Door 1.6 Diesel - 236k miles
2000 Volkswagen Golf 1.9TDI (turbo diesel) - 80k miles
Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants Dealer #1098500

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