[Vwdiesel] Re:Gas to Diesel conversion?

David J Hatzenbuhler hatzie at fuse.net
Sun Apr 27 20:27:53 EDT 2003

I converted a 79 rabbit to diesel when I lved in VT in 1988.
Just used the gas transmission. as the donor tranny had the same code.  I
added a starter relay next to the battery and a push button to run the glow
plugs running power lines directly from the battery lug on the starter to
the relay then from the relay to the donor car glow plug fuse mounted on the
firewall near where the coil used to be.
I routed the cold start cable into the cab and attached to the left of the
steering wheel just like the '80 donor car.
I mounted the fuel filter to a steel bracket bolted to the strut bolts.and
just cut off the fuel lines as they ran up the firewall leaving room for the
flexible diesel fuel lines.
I removed the gas pump and replaced it with fuel grade hose and routed into
the fuel feed line after cutting it off.
I extended the coil power feed wire to the shutoff on the injection pump.
and just hooked up the temp and oil pressure sensors just as if it were a
gas engine....
I tied the square Bosch plugs that ran the injection components up to the
harness out of the way.
Pulled out the catalytic convertor and put in the new diesel exhaust from
the wrecked donor as it appeared to only be a few months old at most.
Done fire it up and drive......  the 1.5 got much better fuel mileage than
the 1.6 I have now.

State inspection in most of the Northeast used to be only for safety...  If
the vehicle was safe to drive you were good to go....
Most service stations checked for; Current Insurance, No Rust Holes,a
Crack-free Windshield, and Good (Brakes, Tires, Exhaust, Lights, Horn,
Shocks, Ball Joints, and Wheel Bearings)  If all of these were within specs
it passed.  Pensylvania, Upstate New York, Mass (outside of Boston), Maine,
and Northern New Hampshire were similar..   Inspections were for safety not
emissions.   New York allowed rusty vehicles to pass that weren't acceptable
in any of the other states.  NH made a big deal out of listing diesel,
propane, or gasoline on the registration as the diesel vehicles were taxed
for fuel useage when you paid the town tax ( at least in our town ) it
almost doubled the registration fee........

If you aren't subject to E-Check then I would say go for it.

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> >    I've lived in 3 states in recent years and none had inspections --
> > MN,
> > and AL. I think making a swap would be a legal problem in only a few
> Wow,
> I've also registered my car in 3 states: MA, VA, and VT. All 3 require
> inspections. My uncle in FL reports no inspections. CA, of course has
> inspections. From these 8 states, it seems half of them would present a
> problem. Maybe I could register in a non-inspecting state down the road. I
> wouldn't mind putting a TD or D in a 86 and up GTI!

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