[Vwdiesel] top speed issues continued or, My Rabbit is a Snail

Bradley Flubacher flub at adelphia.net
Fri Aug 1 23:40:21 EDT 2003

Maybe also something in the exhaust line.  Check for a clear tailpipe..


Forrest L King wrote:

>First, thank you for all of your replies, both on and off list.  I tried
>it all!! :)
>Ok, here is the update:
>Airfilter is clean, even tried a run without the airfilter!!
>Injectors are new
>Fuel Filter is NEW.
>I tried running the rabbit on a bottle of diesel from under the hood.
>the problem persisted.  and Damn, these things really pump some diesel
>through that pump - thank god  we have return lines!!!  I could empty a
>12 oz bottle in about 1 minute 15 seconds!!
>I also checked the valve train timing - the cam, injector pump, and crank
>are all in time.  unfortunaetly I decided to check this after i did my
>bottle runs - those little valve cover bolts are freaking HOT when you
>are trying to remove them.  Got it all buttoned up.
>I am now going to try and check the injector pump timing - even though I
>don't see any signs that the pump has moved a BIT.  I have the adapter
>and an SAE guage,   so I need to find a website with some accurate and
>precise conversions of the timming measurements.
>Assuming the injector is in time - because I think it is,   could this
>problem be 'bad fuel' ???   I think I might drain the tank tonight,
>backflush the in tank screen by pumping pressurized air from the engine
>bay back to the tank.  I'll put some reputable fuel in it, Texaco fuel.
>The crap I am using now was from a diamond shamrock in BFE west texas.  I
>think they were surprised I actually got auto diesel instead of Farm
>diesel, lol.
>My friend bought a compression tester with a VW diesel adapter - it is
>supposed to arrive in the mail today or tomorrow.  But I think the engine
>has good compression - it starts on the very first revolution everytime.
>Anybody have any more suggestions?   this is my only car right now,  I
>sold my Cabriolet a few weeks after I got this running, and now I am
>really regretting that.
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