[Vwdiesel] Was leak found, now fuel is spraying !!

Bradley Flubacher flub at adelphia.net
Sat Aug 2 20:21:28 EDT 2003

I've done the same thing. I wound up "fixing" it by using two copper
gaskets instead of one.  Maybe I just got lucky after being to unlucky...


Derek wrote:

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>Now I think I did it.  When removing the timing bolt ( plug ) the copper washer stayed behind.  In a vain attempt to dislodge it, I inadvertently scored the seating surface ( on the pump, the washer is fine )  When I torqued everything down and tried to start the car, fuel was spraying out of there !  Now the damned thing won't start at all.  Here is what I did as a temporary fix.  I cleaned everything really well.  Found some stuff called plastic gasket ( its supposed to replace cork rubber and even asbestos gaskets, high temp, oil and gas resistant ).  I coated both sides of the copper washer and reinstalled it and the bolt and torqued again.  I hope this holds ( haven't tried yet as I was waiting for things to set up )    I noticed that where the timing plug is, that there is a "nut".   It looks like it will unscrew from the end of the pump.  I was wondering if that is the case.  If so, I will be able to scavenge that little assembly from my parts pump and I will have a proper seat for the washer to sit against.  I will have to modify a socket as it looks like a special 3 point approx 1" socket that is used to remove it.  Lord I hope this works, otherwise I have made a really expensive mistake ...
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