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Fernando Fiore ecodiesel1 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 3 17:02:46 EDT 2003

>  Isn't anyone on the
>group a refrig tech, who can authoritatively set us all straight?  It would
>be great!

Well, I can't say that I am a Certified A/C Technician.. But I did grow up
working in my father's shop in Florida working on A/C all summer...  You all
are on the right track, nothing stated so far that was completely wrong at
all...  As far as the original person (lost who it was now!) with the
compressor woes, it sounds like the compressor is just starting to fail and
lockup... that is the common diagnosis (I know thats the answer you don't
want to hear).  Someone else mentioned that as well, and how it probably
went low on refrigerant, thus loosing the oil.  When you start to get leaks
in your system, the amount of oil in the system is often neglected... and
thats what kills compressors.  If you are a pound or more low on
refrigerant, I would throw an ounce or two of oil... I would rather be an
ounce over in oil rather than running the possibility of having no oil.
Really, what should be done is a recovery and pull vacum with a recovery
machine... and then recharge to the correct level and add oil... which is
still fishy because you don't know how much is in there, unless you took the
system apart, drained the compressor and reciever/dryer or accumulator,
flushed everything of oil, then added the spec. amount of oil for the car.
Having the correct amount of oil in your system when you have a leak is
tricky.  My 84 Rabbit from Florida has 209,000 miles, with the factory
compressor. I converted it to 134a a few years ago when my expansion valve
was stuck closed (evap. kept on freezing!)  I was very meticulous with what
oil to use and the amount, as well as flushing everything I could (not the
compressor, never flush into the compressor or exp. valve, that was my
teachings).  It cools great, but the R12 was a little better.  R134a has a
higher condenser temperature, and it depends on the car and their R12 design
if 134a works well in it.  It needs a larger condenser for that reason..
Ford Aerostars were the worst, the condensor was designed to the limit, then
on some they added a second evaporator for rear A/C.  On those, you had to
eliminate the rear evap. to convert the system, to have it cool at all!
That's my $0.02 I guess.

Sorry for the long email!

Fernando Fiore, "Nando"

84 VW Rabbit Diesel "GTI"
1/4= 21.249 @ 60.95mph

81 Audi 5000S Diesel
1/4= N/A

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