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Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 4 07:19:01 EDT 2003

There is a premeum brand of brake pads called Axis or
Axxis, I forget the exact spelling, that is great.
They are metallic and are $40+ a set. They do not
exhibit this binding characteristic. I have a set on
the Jetta.

--- Val Christian <val at swamps.roc.ny.us> wrote:
> In recent work on my A2 91 Jetta, I elected to
> replace the rotors and pads,
> which were OE.  Most of my driving is highway, and
> I'm conservative on
> the brakes.
> Bought run of the mill rotors, and the parts gal
> (they know me real well
> with all the work I do) gave me the premium pads for
> the price of the
> cheapies.
> In extracting the capilers, I munged the head on the
> upper caliper
> retainer bolt.  I ended up driving a 1/4" (vs. 5mm)
> allen into the
> rounded out 5mm socket head on the right side.  On
> the left side I
> unfortunately broke the upper caliper retainer bolt.
>  Fortunately,
> it broke such that I could still get the caliper
> off.  A torch (6 cu ft
> tip, if anyone cares) got the broken bolt out of the
> hub casting.
> Later I replaced both top caliper retainer bolts and
> the upper guide pins.
> I left the lowers on since there was no reason to
> change something that
> is working OK.
> The car sat for several weeks outside, waiting for
> me to get another
> chance to work on it. When I did, I found that there
> was tremendous
> drag.  A quick visual inspection didn't show
> anything wrong
> on either side.  So I went up and down the driveway,
> using almost
> full power and allot of clutch slipping to get
> going.  Brakes got hot.
> I did some more of this, inspecting things, and
> using my handy dandy
> leaf blower to cool things between test runs.
> Finally I took things
> out on the road at 40 MPH, and found that the rotors
> climbed to 500F.
> I put a few miles on and the temps remained high.  A
> peak reading was
> 700 on the rotor and 230 on the caliper.  Time for
> research.  Called
> around.
> To make a long story a little shorter, it turns out
> that these premium
> Bendis pads, allegedly contain a coating on the
> pads, which is designed
> to help they seat with rotors (the rep's words, not
> mine).  I was told
> that after 100 miles, the brakes wouldn't smoke any
> more and everything
> would be OK.  The way I drive that could be 500
> miles.
> So out I went for a long series of runs.  And sure
> enough things are getting
> better.  I can now push the car with one hand, and
> get it to move.
> Temps after driving are around 180F.
> I think I'll decline the pad upgrade next time.  It
> was nice of her, but
> these pads are too much!
> Val
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