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Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 4 12:48:13 EDT 2003

Nope, but....I use a Gates Green Stripe belt for the
'85 Jetta A/C and waterpump(A/C, no P/S) because its
$8 instead of $25. It lasts 50,000 miles + AND it so
happens to be 5 - 7 MM shorter than the stock VW belt.
This may work for you. I can read the Gates # off of
it if you want. I had to remove the water pump pulley
to get it on initially sometimes. Other times I've
gotten by w/ prying it onto the waterpump pulley w/ a
screwdriver then adjusting it. This also gives more
adjustment on the alternator belt, since TIGHTENING
the A/C belt (the compressor moves) loosens the
alternatior belt, since both belts share the A/C
pulley. The A/C belt being shorter to begin with gives
more adjustment range on the alternator belt.


--- Ethan Vos <ethan at forward.ca> wrote:
> Has anybody run into a situation where there is not
> enough adjustment to
> tighten up the AC belt?
> Any idea what to look for? The adjustment bracket is
> new. Could it have
> been installed incorrectly? Are some makes of belts
> no good?
> Ethan
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