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Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 06:45:22 EDT 2003

Keep this in mind if you go to all that trouble:

I easily replaced the valve guides too (about $2
each!) and the guide seals and lapped the valves (they
were fine). The guides were basically trashed they
were so worn at 200,000 miles. You do need an 8MM
valve guide installation drift (about $14) (and of
course the proper valve spring compressor). I used a
1/4 inch drive socket on a nut driver attachment and a
claw hammer to R & R the guides, no kidding! Do one
valve at a time to avoid mixups. The valve clearances
were still the same too! No reaming of the guides were

--- Gavrik Peterson <gavrik at cablespeed.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the diagnosis and information.
> To be complete, I may still perform the test for
> combustion gases in
> the coolant, but it looks quite certain that a leak
> exists in the head
> gasket.
> I think I will go ahead and remove the head and find
> out what is going
> on.  I am telling myself that this is an opportunity
> to work on some
> other stuff that needs attention, such as replacing
> the valve stem
> seals.
> Gavrik Peterson
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