[Vwdiesel] dyeing fuel

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Tue Aug 5 19:31:13 EDT 2003

>>or, could we dye homebrew stuff a different color?   and if so, where do
you get diesel dye????  I think a dark blue would work.<<

>>It was also red which I believe
is for any non-road application including marine,
stationary and heavy equipment.

Is that the major reason for the clear tube in the
fuel supply?<<

    Forrest may have a better approach.  What I'm getting at is a means of
differentiating by sight homebrew bio from non-road app & untaxed dinojuice.
Nobody's been busted yet, that I know of, but it's a possibility down the
    Maybe I should rephrase the question: is there a means- chemical dye or
otherwise- to change homebrew from red to some other color.  Natural would
work, blue would work.  Adding green, IIRC, would turn it brown, so that
would probably be out for aesthetic reasons.
    What I'd like to work on is some legislation that would encourage
casual users/ experimenters by not hassling us with fines.  There would
probably have to be a sunset provision, because we're going up against the
Leviathan's taxing authority and large corporations whose profits we'd be
eating into.
    Come to think about it, maybe discretion would be the better part of
valor here, and I'd better leave well enough alone.  Still, getting rid of
that tell-tale red color would help maintain a lower profile.
    The fuel lines from the filter to the pump, btw, is helpful in detecting
air in the system.
    Scott Kair

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