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Flushing is done with a flush solution, easy enough.  As far as the method
of changing out the oil, we do exactly what you said.  Flushing through the
compressor, I gave it more thought, is bad solely because of possible
crud/old oil that can be trapped in the compressor, that would not flow out
the other way freely (same goes with expansion valve, because of the
orifice).  Flushing an A/C system is done with a flush kit, which consists
of a air-pressurised bottle of flush that you push through the condenser and
available lines.
As far as the compatibility of oils, the problem (as I have been taught so
far) is the compatability of mineral oil with 134a.  The oils I know of for
134a are Ester oil and PAG.  Through our time of service, as we started to
do conversions fairly early in the game, we have found that ester oil
sometimes does not do a very good job, and possibly has caused some
premature compressor failures.  I recommend PAG oil for all conversions, but
do look up what viscocity oil you need for your compressor (can find it
online in a pinch).  Also, the most important property of these oils is to
be able to mix with residual mineral oil... and they are advertised as such.
  When this stuff started, the procedure stated that you must remove all
traces of mineral oil from the system.  It has gotten only more lax from
there.  I know of many conversions that included installing 2 fittings,
shooting some oil and refrigerant, and it cools.  But, flukes occur, and I
wouldn't want to buy another compressor in a few years.  I know the right
way to do it, and I see no reason to stray far from that.  I would say I did
my conversion 50,000 miles ago. haven't touched it since.

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>Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] AC woes
>Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 01:33:28 EDT
> > I was very meticulous with what
> >  oil to use and the amount, as well as flushing everything I could (not
> >  compressor, never flush into the compressor or exp. valve, that was my
> >  teachings).
>   Two questions.  Ive wondered this since the "non compatible" oil issue
>came up.  What do you flush it with?  Second is why not the compressor?
>I'd think a dump, right oil, turn over some, dump and refill would be
>This thn brings up the conversion factor.  If many say the oils are not
>compatable then how are most conversions done since nearly none of
>them do a flush?  :)
>   Inquiring minds ya know.
>      Loren
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