[Vwdiesel] Problem with injector lines -- ( any and all welcome )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Aug 6 07:51:31 EDT 2003

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This is more like a question to the grand wizards , than answer.    Just by=
 chance I was testing a bucket full of old 130 bar injectors yesterday.  On=
e was stuck closed , and the pressure on the gauge was way more than 3000 p=
si . Question : If an injector fails to open when engine is running , what =
happens ????.
The lines break from vibration not over pressure.---Lines are probably good=
 for astronomical pressure. Way beyond 10 000 psi.            Solution to T=
yson Craggs dilemma :  remove injector and clean and test or simply replace=
, and blow lines before installing.

If an injector is stuck OPEN  now that is way worse as far as engine damage=
 is concerned.  On a  GM V8 it sounds like banging alright LOL with a BIG h=
ammer.   I had to be towed home.   The minute you hear banging like that " =
fuel knock " stop engine. It can kill a Rabbit in short order.Only "Real" d=
iesels are designed for that kind of punishment .     Hagar.

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