[Vwdiesel] dyeing fuel

Forrest L King forrestking at juno.com
Wed Aug 6 13:47:41 EDT 2003

Harmon,  I am not sure you are entirely correct on this - in fact i
beleive that by driving on a public road you are consenting to a  check -
just like driving on the road means you will take an alcohol test (and if
you refuse you will be prosecuted as if you had failed the test).
>    Yeah, I know they do that a bit in CA, I recall when I was living
> in BC some
> of the locals worrying about getting caught with "purple gas". But
> I've never,
> ever, heard of it in the US. First off, they'd have to have a search
> warrant,
> with probably cause to search. Unless the driver agreed to the
> search, of
> course, and the Supreme Court has recently outlawed searches of any
> kind in
> random stops, or traffic stops.
> >

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