[Vwdiesel] hold up on that Camry there

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Wed Aug 6 22:02:37 EDT 2003

OK, in a fit of desperation, I pulled the master
cylinder again because I had this vague memory of
seeing a metal rod in the vacuum booster that was
pointing off at a weird angle.  I had never really
looked in a vacuum booster before and thought I should
check it out and see if it could be related to my
brake problem.  Sure enough, I after I got the m/c
out, there was the pushrod angled off somewhere other
than into the receptacle end of the master cylinder
and there were score marks where it had gone cock-eyed
against the m/c.  There are four metal tabs which hold
the 3" pushrod in position.  One was broken, three
were bent.  Bad part was I had to pull the booster out
to get it stuck back together.  Dude.  I've replaced
them on A1's with no problem.  This A2 was a
nightmare.  And, the high temp was 108F today.

I stuck it back together and bent the three remaining
tabs back.  My question now is, anyone know a good
bench test procedure for a booster?  It acts like it's
pumping when I cycle it, but I absolutely do not want
to have to R&R it again if it turns out to be leaking.

Despite that, I'm really happy.  Glad to finally find
a broken part that could get it fixed.


-85 Jetta TD

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