[Vwdiesel] Injection timing of Old Volks -- # 7 ( checking fuel regulator valve )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Aug 8 08:13:30 EDT 2003

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    Before we go on the road to test adjustments , we check a few essential=
s on pump.   "Regulator" valve ??? you say    , find it at sprocket end it =
has two flats and 235 thou hole in center. We check the orings to see they =
are in good shape.The bottom one is important to timing. Valve unscrews (RH=
 thread) and can be removed --no balls or springs to loose.
Bottom oring can be red or black   ---make sure it is not worn or deteriora=
ted. . I used 12 mm deep 3/8 drive 6 point socket  with a spread out like a=
 stable cotter key inside. If you experiment a bit with size of cotterkey y=
ou will learn more.The one we use on rear wheels is ok.    The valve has a =
piston that slides up and down covering and uncovering holes in barrel acco=
rding to pump pressure. Holes are blocked with no pressure.   Pressure in p=
umphousing is regulated by valve  and orifice in OUT fuel banjo fitting and=
 RPM  and fuel viscosity.  ---- lots of variables you say ??? so do I .   h=
ave fun .
PS. Do NOT let dirt enter pump , and make or get special wrenches for fueli=
ng  and idle screws.

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