[Vwdiesel] 99 percent success

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Sun Aug 10 19:27:56 EDT 2003

OK, I finally got the brakes back together.  I guess
it was that pushrod being out of alignment.  All I can
figure is that when I put the first master cylinder
in, the pushrod was sitting on the lip of the master
cylinder piston and it slipped off after being driven
1500 miles.  Works now, though.  Just spend a half
hour putting flat spots on my tyres.  Like driving a
new car.  Only problem now is that the brakes lights
are always on.  For some reason, the brake pedal isn't
meeting up with the cruise control and brake light
switches.  I can't see as there is any adjustment, and
Bentley is slient on the issue.  I tried spinning the
shaft into the pedal and I couldn't tell as there was
any change in length.  Did I miss something there?

May be a moot point anyways.  I was buying parts at
the local independent VW shop (V-Dub Folks in
Irving--always been good to me) and the owner has a
2000 TDI Jetta with 113,000 miles for sale, $8500.
Driving that car made me very happy.  The kind of
happy that makes you want to write a cheque.  Only
problem is that they had to replace the MAF sensor
because it was coked up.  Makes me wonder how much
more EGR crud is in there....


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