[Vwdiesel] caved in

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Mon Aug 11 21:48:31 EDT 2003

I caved in and bought that TDI.  I'll pick it up
Friday.  First question is, since it has 113,000
miles, I estimate that it should be just starting on
it's third timing belt.  Current owner is a dealer who
doesn't know if it was changed but "It looked real
good" when they inspected it.  If the dealer has no
records, what's the consensus on the difficulty of the
job?  I've done A1 and A2 belts, but never even looked
close at an A4.  Instructions on Fred's TDI site look
complete but mention things like motor mounts coming
off and a lot of special tools.  If it's not too bad,
I'd just as soon do it myself.  Anyone in Dallas want
to form a co-op on the special tools?  It'll be a
while since I've gotta get the '85 condition green,
but I don't want to risk a nice shiny "new" engine.


-85 Jetta TD
-00 Jetta TDI hole in my wallet

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