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So far, I have had the best results from Power Service products.  I use the silver bottle in the summer and the white in the winter. I like anything with a cetane booster already in it.  I find the cetane booster reduces the smoke a bit.  Of course, amount of smoke will vary with the quality of fuel you get so cetane boosters may or may not help you.  I am fortunate to have a good supply of fuel my car likes. Stanadyne also makes good additives and if you go to the VW dealer, that is what they will have.  I have a couple of bottles of LubeTec that I will try in the winter.  Its supposed to do all ( cetane booster, anti-gel, etc. )

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> Thanks for the info on tune-ups.  It looks like I will go with one of the mentioned oils and probably stick with a quality paper filter for now.  Derek, you mentioned a fuel additive.  What type/kind do you recommend?
> Thanks again,  John
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