[Vwdiesel] AC pivot bolt

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Thu Aug 14 08:53:52 EDT 2003

"Kenneth E. Oldrid" wrote:
> This bolt seems to be a common problem. My 91 ecodiesel came with that bolt
> half-way out. I tried to crank it back in, but the threads were damaged due to
> the AC jumping around loose. I replaced the bolt, which worked its way out
> completley! Replaced the bolt again, and it seemed to be fine for a couple
> thousand miles. The new owner mentioned his battery died on a trip. I'm
> guessing that bolt loosened up enough that the alternator belt became loose. Is
> there a special type of washer that could help out in this high vibration
> environment?

On my '81, I re-did the whole A/C bracket setup, there were design issues with the way VW had it set up.  After eliminating the
problems I never had a problem again:


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