[Vwdiesel] Blotter testing 101 part 5. ( Using printer paper )

Dana Morphew kadm at pugetsound.net
Fri Aug 15 10:02:21 EDT 2003

Thanks for this info.  As a reminder for all who "blot test", test after
the engine is thoroughly warmed-up and write down the time/distance
since the last change, season, and, if you don't use the same
brand/viscosity year-'round, the oil details might be useful.


" > Tested IBM multi purpose printer paper. 1 drop on blotter one on
printer .  --- blow my socks off. I was not ready for the results.
Printerpaper makes for a far better picture. However it must be kept
level for at least 24 hours. . For the test I used two ball bearing
races with paper in between. Strictly done to help you fellas . I have
tons of blotter. When fairly dry , hold up against light  WOW. Blotter
is so much thicker that small details do not show. Very satisfying
discovery.   --- No excuse now.         Hagar.
> --

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