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Well, why would you need to use a bottle that big?

Why not just take a couple of the small CO2 cartridges (they fit right in y=
our pocket) and use those?  My mom used to have a whipped cream maker that =
would puncture the tip of the cartridge and inject the CO2 into the whipped=
 cream bottle. It was simply pressure activated, you would screw the cartri=
dge holder onto the bottle top and it would puncture the cartridge with a s=
harp metal tip.

I'm sure I could scrounge up something like that, maybe two of them, then h=
ook them to some plumbing that would drop right into the airbox of the inta=
ke then if a runaway occurs, you reach down, activate the cartridges, and c=
oast to a nice peaceful stop!!!



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Hagar,  the bottles are typically Halon that are used in airplanes.
Halon has a "fire seeking characteristic"  unlike CO2.  If you are in a
room with a small fire on the floor and you fire a halon bottle in the
OPPOSITE direction of the fire - the halon will eventually migrate to
fire and extinguish it.  If you do this with CO2 you have just wasted
your time.   CO2 needs to be pointed directly at the base of the

Halon is extremely bad for the environment - it is used in airplanes
because it dissipates with ease.  You cannot use powder extiguisher -
the engine  or the interior - because the powder is WAY corrosive and
will tear the aluminum all up.

The new environmetally sound alternative to Halon is Halotron  --
halotron has half of the extinguishing ability of Halon, but it still
better than CO2.  It is way cheaper than Halon too.  IIRC I refilled my
2 lb halon bottle for about 80 bucks - and it was only partially used.
You can buy 2 or three entire Halotron extiguishers for this price,
complete extinguishers, nit just refills.

CO2 is a very good extinguishing agent, especially in areas that are
'environmentally sensitive'.  You can dump CO2 on computers all day
and never have a problem (in fact the cooling effect of the expanding
would most likely make them run faster).  CO2 does not put out un
contained fires very well -  but in our situation I am thinking about
riggin up a port on the back of the intake manifold were I can plumb a
line into it, and into the passenger compartment.  I have also 'remote
bottle openers' for N20 (nitrous Oxide - you know, "nawzzzz") bottles
that are eletrically operated.

How smooth would that be,  just hit a switch on the dash - bottle rolls
open - engine goes out.   BAM - save a few con rods, lol.  with this
setup you could even put the bottle outside - like under the bed of the
caddy,  or maybe up around the spare tire well underneath the rabbit...

Ok,  i need to find some sort of remote opener - any ideas?  Has
got one of those diesel cold start systems that opens the 'diesel
starting fluid' bottle  - like the one used on big trucks, and as seen

Later -- Forrest

P=2ES.   my truck runs soo good now - all it needed was the valves


"Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas"
[Happiness is understanding how things work]

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