[Vwdiesel] Injection timing of Old Volks # 8 . ( first testdrive )

Ethan Vos ethan at forward.ca
Sat Aug 16 12:32:50 EDT 2003

Is there a spec for internal pump pressure vs. rpm? It seems to me that
that would tell whether the pump is worn or not real quick.


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Sorry about two # 7's.        Pick yous test hill  so you can make her
smoke at full pedal. If she does not smoke at full power. Turn fueling
screw in a quarter turn.   If you can make her smoke but she has no
poop, give her the bottle.    Use heavy single grade lube oil and diesel
mix. If you get lots of power and you are able to back off on fueling
screw for little smoke and power is still there . The problem is the
internal timing mechanism. Likely worn vane pump and or timing piston.
In that case the choice is replace pump (my choice) or send away for
overhaul (very expensive).  If you are lucky and all the problem was
pump adjustments. Finish these settings and move on to turning the pump.
We will deal with that in # 9.
For those of you who still have problems tell us in the forum and we can
deal with it all together.
This looks difficult and complicated at first ----  really,    it is a
piece of cake and a lot of fun.    Hagar.
PS: use special 9 point 13 mm wrench on fueling locknut and screwdriver
or craftsman ignition wrench on screw. Use your imagination to make it
easy to do on roadside.      Hagar.

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