[Vwdiesel] My '89 keeps stalling?

Bart Wineland bwinelan at allegheny.edu
Tue Aug 19 14:29:01 EDT 2003

You guys are great, thanks for all the ideas.  I have since checked the air
filter, replaced the fuel filter and primed it with ATF, swapped one
injector and heat shield that was leaking a bit, and drained the
separator.  The car was warm when I did all this and I have not had a
chance to try it after it has sat.  Hopefully tonight.

I did run into the flaky ground problem Loren mentions when I first
installed the engine. That threw me for awhile. When I still had the car on
jack stands it would start and run fine but when I lowered it it would not
even begin to crank the starter?  I had cleaned all the ground connections
but until I stuck a jumper cable across the battery ground to the
transmission it would not crank, all other electrical appeared to be ok. I
added a heavy ground from the battery to the transmission and have been ok

I should say I first saw this with a fill up from a different place then I
usually get my fuel.  I finally ran that tank out and ran it for awhile on
my usual fuel and hoped that would clear it up but had not helped. When it
warms up good it still has all it's power, but if not warmed up good it
will die right in the street.  I'll check it tonight and if the above
mentioned haven't helped I'll have to look at the pump timing which I have
never done before.

While I'm asking questions. In the middle of the problem my exhaust broke
off right at the bottom of the funnel that clamps onto the exhaust
manifold.  I am going to take it to my favorite stainless shop but want to
get it running right first.  My question is would it hurt anything if I
have him cut the funnel off some and put a slightly larger exhaust system on?

Thanks again,


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> > That sounds about right, unless no one's been playing around.  Wouldn't a
> > plugged fuel filter do the same ??  I had similar symptoms with my
> veggie kit
> > ...
> >
>   I wouldn't expect it to be the fuel filter if he gets anywhere close to
>power after it warms up.  Now in cold weather maybe...  I've seen dirty
>air filters do similar but still if it starts it should run and if it runs
>after it
>warms up...
>      Loren
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