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Simon Rook ea82t at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 20 16:34:43 EDT 2003

Yeah picked that up from McAfee (most mine come from
'x'@'y'.ee, I've had about 30, twigged straight off
they weren't Kosher...how are some people so easily


 --- Roger Brown <r.c.brown at ieee.org> wrote: > Simon
Rook wrote:
> >
> > Getting a lot of virus's being sent to me..before
> you
> > read any E-mails with attachements check out...
> >
> >
> >
> > Genuine alert from McAfee not your usual hoax!
> I've been getting about 200 e-mails from the Sobig
> virus a day for the last few days.  My mail service
> is filtering tham all
> out, but one thing with this virus is that it's not
> coming from the sender of the e-mail.  It's simply
> using a list of harvested
> e-mail addresses to both send itself to as well as
> to create forged e-mail headers so that it appears
> to come from everyone on
> the address list as well.  So responding to the
> apparent sender to complain will not do any good.
> --
>     Roger
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