[Vwdiesel] Engine rebuild, stiff crank

Bradley Flubacher flub at adelphia.net
Sat Aug 23 09:17:05 EDT 2003

The only time I've seen this (for what it's worth), I accidentally
installed a rod 180 degrees rotated.

If you haven't gotten to the rods, I'd fit all the crank caps w/o
bearings or crank in place and make sure they're all round.


LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

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>  The last (and only) time I saw this was when I was sort of, helping a
>rebuild his Rabbit engine.  Same thing happened.  He was very meticulous
>about all the bearing caps, right down to the nuts.  It turned out that he'd
>swapped two of the rod bearing caps.  Switched them back and all was
>peachy.  Take a look at them with the shells and crank out.  The bores
>should line up perfectly smooth.  :)  Of course make sure none are just
>turned 180.
>     Loren
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