[Vwdiesel] Crank... in a bind

Martin K korn at simnet.is
Mon Aug 25 14:16:57 EDT 2003

Yes, great advice. I dug out my biggest magnifying.glass and I could see
that neither of the 2 sets of caps and bearings that I was attempting to
fit were a match for this block. Then I found a plastic bag under the
van with the correct set. This kind of chaos is normal for me especially
after 12 months of storage.

With the rediscovered bearings, the ones with the lube hole had
differing numbers stamped (like 8899, 8985, etc). so I could identify
their position on the block with the aid of the mag glass. The shells
that are placed in the caps had the same id nr. stamped, so
identification was made by matching up the wear/shading.
Then (after deciding on the most likely crankshaft) the tightening up
procedure was a success.


>  might have to break with tradition here and fork out for a set of main
> bearing caps.
>   Can't do that.  They're align bored and each set goes to each block.  No
> interchanging.  :(  They are numbered 1 - 5 and have arrows pointing
> to the front of the engine I believe.  They go on with the anti-spin notches
> on the same side (block and cap) as do the rods.  There's also a
> "forging mark" on the big end of the rods, cap and main body.  Kind of
> a nub.  They go on the same side with it nearest the intermediate
> shaft on assembly.
>   Maybe you have .010 under bearings and one .010 crank and one
> std. crank?
>   Match caps up by having the bearing shells OUT.  Feel for a smooth
> transition on both sides, inside.  Also look to see if the hone marks
> line up as well.
>      Loren

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