[Vwdiesel] New engine help -- ( The Snow SAGA )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Aug 25 13:57:25 EDT 2003

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I for one is very interested .  Brand new ???  I am drooling . You may have=
 got more than you paid for , if my experience with VW industrial engines i=
s anything to go by.. They used to be way more money. How much did you pay =
??? . Usually preservative oil is sprayed inside and out on engines like th=
at.So it may be in fine condition even if it looks dirty.   ---- LM   Lubro=
 MOLY    Diesel Purge   The strong medicine for sick diesels ????  LOL.    =
 eliminates "nailing"  knocking shaking   and more.    This can is empty.  =
 In 1996 I saw a couple of fellas trying to start a 1.5L NA in a small open=
 boat (first rabbit diesel for me )  two days of cranking and two cans of p=
urge I decided to go see what they were doing. (maybe the case of beer on t=
he ground was the magnet) .   I had just worked on a GM V8 diesel so I knew=
 that pump probably had a shutoff (electrical). So I asked if there was sup=
posed to be a wire on the pump. (there was not a wire on this pump)   On go=
es a wire and WE ROOM.     ---Good thing I did not have to drive to get to =
my place. I live next door.  A few hours later I counted at leas two cases =
of empties.   --   The owner turned out to be an old workmate and friend ,t=
he other was a "Diesel expert".    There is a sad end to this Saga , he nev=
er got to do much fishing ,   he hung himself in his carport a short time l=
ater.                         Hagar.

PS: Hang on to pump its , higly desireable for VW Gensets.

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