[Vwdiesel] glow plugs stay on too long.

william at taygan.com william at taygan.com
Wed Aug 27 12:46:55 EDT 2003

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1982 Jetta 1.6L NA.

New Glow Plugs
Working Glow Plug Relay (I checked it on the '81)
Temp Gauge seems to be working on dash, light flashes when turning the car on,
temp gauge goes up slowly.

The glow plugs and the glow plug light stays on for 45 seconds, light goes
out, glow plugs stay on for another 5-10 seconds.

It didn't have this problem till I put the injectors back in.

Car starts great, but it's a bit annoying.

I see the 3 temp (I think) sensors on the left side of the head.  Which one
controls the glow plug relay shutoff?  What do the others do?


Will Taygan
81 vw diesel pickup
82 diesel jetta
Concrete, WA

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