[Vwdiesel] cold weather starting help 1.6L Jetta diesel

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu Aug 28 20:46:04 EDT 2003

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I think I asked a similar question way back in March when I first bought my
Jetta, but for those that would please care to indulge/refresh me just one
more time....

I have an 88 Jetta 1.6L TD. 380,000kms on it. New rings and possibly other
engine components a year before I bought it (March)
The other morning (weird weather for NB in August) it was down to 0'C/32'F
and I had to cycle the glow-plugs 3 or 4 times and crank it a bit to get it
to catch and finally run.  I was actually worried it might not start.

Are there any tried and true methods for having RELIABLE starting once the
ol' Mercury drops really low? (like -20'C/-4'F)
(Like bigger battery?, new thinner oil? new block heater (mine's
toast)?...........anything else?  PO said to pump the accelerator pedal when
starting in cold weather---will this REALLY help at all on a diesel?

I was going to drive my Pathfinder this winter, but I checked out the price
of gas at the pumps today>> 87.9c/LITER and I nearly had a heart attack.
The Jetta gets 49-50MPG so I'd like to keep it on the road for as long as
possible..........maybe Xmas or later if I could.

Thanks in advance !

Mike, Coreen & Corey Smith
271 Smith Rd
Waterville, NB
E2V 3V6

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