[Vwdiesel] Cold start Knob ----( But WHAT does it DO ? )

Simon Rook ea82t at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 31 08:19:20 EDT 2003

It wasn't until 94 that VW caught up with the rest of
the planet and used a wax stat ILO the starting knob
on 1.9D and 1.9TD...and mine needles 'throttle assist'
to starty even then! Definaetly advances timing, I can
hear that!


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> When I got the first Rabbit (1980 on special) , it
> became painfully clear that it would not start if
> not plugged in and cold start knob was not pulled
> out.  Not having an owners manual , and never having
> driven a Rabbit before I phoned a Stealership
> ---Capilano VW in BC Canada. . First I was on "hold"
> listening to a song and dance routine about the
> factory trained expert mechanic's and bla bla bla..
> Finally the service department came on the phone.
> Sir what exactly does the cold start knob DO ?.
> Answer : It gives the engine more fuel for starting.
> ------  I then asked HOW does it do that ?.     ---
> answer : there is an extra injector.       My eyes
> were starting to glaze over.       I asked all over
> the place , never got an answer I liked.
> Finally I put on my hillbilly coveralls and set to
> find out. Dissected an old pump , now I know exactly
> what it does or does not do.On 1980 to 1984 Rabbits
> with Bosch pumps , here is what is does.  It is a
> very short stub-shaft with a camplate pushing on
> timing piston. No valves or needles or anything
> else. Pushing on piston advances the timing of
> injection. So what if you forget to push in after
> starting and drive from Waterville to Miami non stop
> ???.   Will it damage anything ???.      Not to
> worry it does not do no harm in normal driving.
> After about 2000 rpm the piston has moved away from
> cam , and Knob has no effect what so ever.
> Here is what VW book  WSA 561.506.23A  say (1984
> Rabbit Volkswagen owner's Manual.).  (I need
> permission from VW to tell you this)    Pull out
> cold start knob at any outside temperature. At temps
> above  minus 18 C do not depress accelerator pedal.
> Below  minus 18 C  depress pedal while cranking and
> release slowly as engine begins to run. About 2
> minutes after starting fully push in knob.    So
> what does it all mean ??? ,  it means that you have
> to experiment and find what works best for any one
> machine. Remember when I suggest something it has to
> do with OLD volks..Sagged out tired
> everything.Volks in top shape do not have starting
> problems.  I have not used cold start lever all
> summer.        Thanks to finetuning.       Hagar.
> PS: Mike Smith  please read the archives , it is all
> there .As a HAM you can hook up an indicater bulb
> hooke directly to glowbuss.And clean all connections
> on starter circuit.Test battery.
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