[Vwdiesel] Help evaluating Jetta TDI?

Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 2 08:10:09 EST 2003

You described the Jetta TDI attributes pretty well.
Problem area on the '01 is faulty mass air flow
sensor, but VW extended the warranty on this part to
70,000 miles and 5 or 7 years. Double check about
coverage for second owners. Its a $300 part. Funny,
its not classified as a powertrain component by VW.
Another issue is the possibility of clogging intake
systems (I say possibly because some TDIs do it, some
don't, and some do it to varying degrees) caused by
the EGR and crancase ventalation systems. Cleaning the
intake can be done periodically. The other issues are
frequent glow plug failures (harness sometimes needs
replacement too to prevent the CEL from illuminating)
and window regulators that break (power windows only).
That plastic underpan gets banged up from low
clearance too.

I'll look on Fred's later about the GP light flashing.
Oddly, the cruise control gets a signal from the brake
light circuit (senses the brake actuation) and if a
brake light is burnt out, the cruise control will not
work and the glow plug light flashes, I think. Easy
enough to check. I'll do a search at Fred's on it.

When I was looking I was seriously considering a
slightly used Toyota Camry V6. They are really nice,
and I hate to say it, I think more trouble free than
the TDI. They are also classified as a midsize, while
the Jetta is a compact. Accords are nice too. But I
just could not break the diesel spell and got an '04

You could also get a NEW Hyundai Sonata V-6 for about
the same price. 100,000 mile warranty too. I looked at
those too.

--- "Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt at buckeye-express.com>
> I'm driving lots of cars that are for sale, and not
> just diesels,  because 
> mine are all very old and I think I want something
> that is more reliable in 
> my old age. Yeah, I'm one of those. Never thought it
> would happen to me. 
> Anyhow.....
> I did a test drive last night with a 2001 VW Jetta
> TDI stick shift that had 
> 27k on the odo. Nice silver little beast.
> Crisp accurate easy gates for the shifting. Good
> driveability. Good lights. 
> Nice heated leather seats. Good steering feel, great
> leather-wrapped 
> steering wheel. Heater took considerable time to
> warm up the cabin.
> Firm ride that was a little bouncy at times, but
> well-snubbed.
> More 'air-rushing-by' noise than I expected at 60
> mph. Also considerable 
> road noise coming through into the cabin at highway
> speed. (My test drive 
> in a new Honda Accord was very very quiet,
> comparably.)
> Surreal impression from all those little points of
> red light from 
> various  switches all around the cockpit at night.
> Wife commented on the limited vertical leg room in
> the front passenger 
> footwell. Sort of a V-shaped foot space, I guess.
> PROBLEM: The double-loop symbol yellow light on the
> dash (that indicates 
> operating glow plugs on start-up) came on and
> continued to blink all during 
> the test drive. It never went out.  Owner said "Oh,
> that just does that. 
> Don't worry about it."
> QUESTION/STATEMENT: Certainly the blinking means
> there is a problem with 
> the glow plug system. But what problem?.   Stuck
> relay?   High resistance 
> in circuit due to infinite resistance in one or more
> broken plugs?
> I am not subscribed to the TDI forum, nor do I have
> access to a TDI owner's 
> manual.  Anybody know about the possible meanings of
> the blinking double 
> loop warning?
> The answers will help me estimate the cost of fixing
> whatever is wrong. I 
> couldn't drive it with that light blinking away
> whenever it is 
> running.  I'll just deduct the cost of the repair
> from the offer I make on 
> the car.
> Comments greatly appreciated.
> Doyt Echelberger
> 85 Jetta TD    running daily
> 84 Rabbit na D   running daily
> 82 Jetta na D,  RIP 2002
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