[Vwdiesel] Injectors -- ( 1980 to 1986 Rabbits etc )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Dec 2 10:58:49 EST 2003

So you are kind of scared fooling around with them ??? eh kiddo.?

Don' blame you  --  so was I.    Have no fear these BOSCH delights
are constructed like a brick poo poo outhouse at James Hansen's.

They can be done with one hand (for you amputees) and a wise.

Further they can be adjusted for breaking pressure " by feel " and
counting turns on thread.   Now I have the proper testrig and I tested
the by feel way , comparing it back and forth.   So for you newbies
save money DIY.  To do by feel  ,  the parts must be clean and well
lubricated. I use never sneeze (marine grade) that's the one with zinc.
Good old Vaseline will do a great job , and your hands will thank you,
wife too and girl friend.       The procedure will be named the "Hagar Feel"
in the future   this old hillbilly ( and now Okie?) is mighty proud of that discovery
and the exhaust trick . I say that should redeem me in this forum eh Texas ?
(he said that I never brought anything of value to this place)  good old american way
prevails---shop and compare.           Have fun doing injectors            Hagar.

PS:  To check and find out if I am full of "IT"  contact  Paul  from   "Ingrid and Paul" and ask him to check.
he still drops in at times.I fixed a starter on his V8 GM diesel Pick Up.(for free)(eh case of beer)

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