[Vwdiesel] Injector pressure setting -- ( by Hagar Feel )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Dec 4 10:40:25 EST 2003

No my last name is not Feel.      But here is an explanation why it works so well.
First understand that the pintle nozzle in these injectors works a lot like a pressure
relief valve. Spring pressure holding the valve closed , and fuel pressure trying to open it.

Eureka ---- piece of cake to set them now , no test machine needed. Hell I just did 4 right
here in the kitchen --took them out and installed hem in my 1982 Rabbit 1600 NA . Keep in
mind that it sat dead , waiting for new nozzles since 08 Sept 2003 .Used nozzles installed
03 Dec 2003.     KaBoom away she went. So I have done it --- did not even check them first 
in the test rig.  Have to get new nozzles , then I will do them again.

Adjustment is by small washers  ---how to tell how many --you say .  by FEEL and using the
thread pitch on barrel as a gauge.
Think of bottom part of barrel as fixed ---then screwing top down puts pressure on spring
in a precise relationship to turns on barrel. Soon I shall post exact pressure pr turn.                                                                I  can say that we are dealing with very small amount of turning . Get used to terms like one
quarter turn. Once you tried it , you will probably keep on doing it that way and finish
with the hand-pump..
What exactly can you feel ???   --- you can feel when barrel hits spring  -- start of push ,
and you can feel when barrel stops pushing , that happens when the two parts of injector
are ready for final torque.      I would appreciate your comments and critique .         Hagar.

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